Thanksgiving Safety

What Thanksgiving snacks can your pet have?

Q: We're talking about Thanksgiving safety! First, what Thanksgiving animals can animals have? 
A: Use your common sense. If you want to give them a bite or two of Turkey or whatever your meat is, they can handle that. Not too much fat, not too much grease. A little bit of potato, as long as there is not a ton of garlic or onion, is fine. Yams are also good! 

Q: What about the bones in the meat?
A: I don't recommend feeding bones. If they are cooked they are liable to splinter and they can cause damage passing through, and if they are raw they can carry diseases. 

Q: How about foods that pets really shouldn't have?
A: Some of the [foods] that crop up during Thanksgiving-and this by no means is all of them-but garlic and onion that you use in seasoning, both of those are hard on dogs. Depending on your desserts, you don't want to give them chocolate and you don't want to let them get into chocolate. Don't leave [chocolate] unattended!

Q: How should you keep pets away from those foods that they shouldn't have?
A: I'm a firm believer in height. Depending on the size of your animals-and cats make things different because cats can get into anything-but putting things on the counter far back out of reach. If you have a really tall dog, on top of the fridge. Some Great Danes can even get there though. Inside cabinets or inside the microwave or oven if they're not being used, those are great places to keep them safe. 

Q: What if the pet gets into something they shouldn't have? What should the owner do then?
A: It depends a little bit on what it is. If they ate a few too many globs of gravy, it's probably fair enough to watch them for vomiting and diarrhea. If you're 30 lb dog pulled the turkey off of the counter and ate the whole thing...I would call the Vet! There are 24 hour places in town and some smaller Vets are on call. Even in the thick of Thanksgiving you can get help if you need it.

Q: Is there one specific [food] that if your pet eats it you should definitely call the vet? Chocolate maybe? 
A: Yes, a large amount of chocolate. Or, I would say, a whole carcass, including the bones. 

Q: Well we're going to talk about Doug now. He's a little rambunctious! How old is he?
A: He is 12 years you can see, he is an active, alert little short haired cat. He's very aware of [his surroundings] and not very afraid of them! He's taking the whole studio thing in stride! 

Update: Doug was recently neutered, microchipped and adopted into his forever family!